The Process Of Manufacturing Copper Wires

Posted by Admin on August, 03, 2011

Copper is a highly demanded element, which acts as a raw material of many items that are needed to perform daily operations in various industries. It has some unique properties that make it ideal for many applications. This metal can be molded to different forms so that it is conveniently used for different purposes. Copper can be used to manufacture chemical compounds, bars, rods, wires, etc. Each copper product involves a different process of manufacturing it.

One of the most important products manufactured using Copper is Copper Wire. Copper Wires have high conductivity, excellent resistance to corrosion, high ductile strength and lesser susceptibility to electro migration than many metals. Thus, these are widely in demand by companies belonging to different industries. Some of the fields that require constant or frequent use of copper wires are mentioned below:

  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Railways
  • Automobiles
  • Defense
  • Electrical
  • Construction
  • Telecommunication

Thus, Copper Wires find application in almost all the areas. The manufacturing of copper wire involves various processes. The process depends on the type of Copper Wire that needs to be manufactured and the purpose for what it will be used. Mentioned below are the names of different kinds of Copper Wires:

  • Jumper wire
  • Copper wire gauge
  • Copper strip
  • PVC coated wires
  • Armored cables
  • Tinsel copper wire
  • Flat copper wire
  • Stranded wire
  • Copper wire cables

The process that is involved in manufacturing these Copper Wires includes:

  • Drawing Process
  • Annealing Process
  • Stranding Process
  • Tinning Process
  • Braiding Process

Manufacturing Process of Copper Wires:

In the Drawing Process, a specific wire is put into a machine. The purpose is to draw it out into different wire gauges. In the next step, called the Annealing Process, wires are inserted in an electric furnace. The purpose is to anneal it with soft wires. Nest is the Stranding process, which is also called the bunching process. In this process, the wires are bunched or stranded depending upon its area of application. Then these bunched wires are nuzzled with an aim to improve its surface. The next step is called the Tinning Process. This process is extremely significant. It involves two major steps, namely, electroplating and hot dip. Wires get coated in this process. In the Braiding Process, the copper wires are twisted according the specifications.

There are many companies engaged in manufacturing products made of Copper wires. It is advisable to search from the many companies listed online to procure Copper Wires to get the best deals.

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